Table 1.

Characteristics of the Sample by Number of Cardiovascular Comorbidities (N=8,876)

Characteristic0 Comorbidities (n=6,329)1 Comorbidity (n=2,056)≥2 Comorbidities (n=491)Total (N=8,876)
BMI = body mass index; SES = socioeconomic status.
aBased on the Index of Multiple Deprivation 2004; the higher the score, the greater the neighborhood’s level of deprivation.
Sex, % male40.650.760.544.1
Age, mean, years
    South Asian59.263.768.661.7
Ethnicity, %
    South Asian58.728.712.6
BMI, mean, kg/m2
    South Asian27.527.726.827.5
Smokers, %
    South Asian8.
Neighborhood SES score, meana23.123.323.923.2