Table 3.

Multivariate Models of Predictors of Missing Study Data Status

PredictorModel 1 AOR (95% CI)Model 2 AOR (95% CI)
AOR=adjusted odds ratio; CI=confidence interval.
Model 1: adjusted for disease burden, age, sex, race/ethnicity, insurance, education, study group, and length of follow-up.
Model 2: adjusted for covariates in model 1, plus Five Factor Model personality factors (Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Neuroticism, and Openness).
a Reference category, 1 chronic disease.
b P<.05.
c P<.01.
d Reference category, non-Hispanic white.
e P<.001.
f Reference category, male.
g Reference category, have health insurance.
h Reference category, less than high school graduate.
i Reference category, home intervention.
j Reference category, 1 year.
k Personality factors are scaled in standard deviation units.
Number of chronic diseasesa
    25.34 (1.12–25.43)b1.31 (0.24–7.10)
    30.67 (0.14–3.19)0.68 (0.61–1.53)
    >40.19 (0.01–2.45)0.01 (0.00–0.09)c
Demographic factors
    Age0.99 (0.94–1.03)1.02 (0.95–1.08)
    Ethnic/racial minorityd2.18 (0.67–7.12)13.96 (1.99–98.08)e
    Femalef0.05 (0.01–0.23)e0.58 (0.15–2.32)
No health insuranceg0.00 (0.00–0.00)0.00 (0.00–0.00)
Education levelh
    High school graduate0.01 (0.00–0.01)e0.01 (0.00–0.06)e
    Some college0.01 (0.00–0.01)e0.02 (0.01–0.18)c
    College graduate0.01 (0.00–0.01)e0.01 (0.00–0.12)c
    Post-college0.01 (0.00–0.01)e0.01 (0.00–0.04)e
Intervention armi
    Telephone intervention0.40 (0.11–1.36)0.95 (0.94–2.46)
    Usual care0.01 (0.00–0.07)e0.32 (0.06–1.89)
Assessment pointj
    2 Weeks0.74 (0.25–2.18)0.73 (0.58–2.42)
    4 Weeks1.68 (0.61–4.60)1.68 (0.61–4.60)
    6 Weeks0.15 (0.04–0.63)c0.11 (0.02–0.57)c
    6 Months0.27 (0.08–0.96)b0.23 (0.06–0.92)b
Five Factor Model personality factorsk
    Neuroticism0.96 (0.93–4.00)
    Extraversion0.97 (0.95–4.01)
    Openness0.24 (0.12–0.46)e
    Agreeableness0.29 (0.14–0.60)c
    Conscientiousness0.28 (0.15–0.50)e
Model predictive precision (area under curve)0.7110.774b