Table 2.

NIH Grants Awarded to Departments of Family Medicine From 2002 to 2006, and Distributions of Family Medicine Totals by Number of Grants

Family Medicine and NIH Totals and PercentagesGrants 2002Grants 2003Grants 2004Grants 2005Grants 2006Total Grants 2002–2006
K = research career programs; NCCAM = National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine; NCI = National Cancer Institute; NHLBI = National Heart Lung and Blood Institute; NIA = National Institute on Aging; NIAAA = National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism; NICHD = National Institute of Child Health and Human Development; NIDA = National Institute on Drug Abuse; NIDDK = National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases; NIEHS=National Institute of Environmental health Sciences; NIH = National Institutes of Health; NIMH = National Institute of Mental Health; R = research projects; Univ = university.
Note: Percentages are columns percentages and may not sum to 100% because of rounding error; only distributions for number of grants are presented—distributions for grant dollars were essentially similar and available in the Supplemental Appendix, available online at
a Includes 11 institutes or centers for a total of 21 awarding grants to department of family medicine over the 5 years; b Includes U (cooperative agreements), P (research program projects and centers), T (training programs), G (resource programs), and S (research-related programs); c Physician = medical degree (MD or DO) only, scientist = doctor of philosophy (PhD), doctor of science (ScD, DSc), or doctor of public health (DrPH) only; other includes principal investigators with only bachelor’s- or master’s-level training, but no doctoral degrees; d Competing continuations, supplements, and change of grantee or training institution; e Department at a top-20 institution for number of NIH grant awards; f Department at a top-10 institution for number of NIH grant awards; g Includes 53 additional academic institutions.
Family medicine total grant dollars received, $ (in millions)25.637.934.843.544.6187
NIH total grant dollars awarded, $ (in millions)16,90018,50019,70020,30020,20095,300
      % of total NIH grant dollars awarded to family medicine0.
Family medicine total grants received, No.89118131146154638
NIH total grants awarded, No.43,52046,08147,46447,34546,797231,207
      % of total NIH grants awarded to family medicine0.
Family medicine total received No. of grants
    By institute or center, %
    By activity code, %
    By principal investigator type,c %
    By application type, %
        Noncompeting continuation655463616862
    By department of family medicine, %
        Univ of California, San Diegoe71311111211
        Univ of Wisconsin936566
        Univ of Michiganf445444
        Univ of Minnesota–Twin Cities654344
        Univ of Arizona002594
        Univ of New Mexico445334
        Univ of Washingtonf435424
        Case Westerne434333
        Univ of Pennsylvaniaf153343
        Univ of North Carolina, Chapel Hille354323