Table 3.

Disparities in Blood Pressure Control by Ethnicity and Number of Cardiovascular Comorbidities

MeasureMean Difference or Odds Ratio (95% CI)
CI = confidence interval; ref = reference group; BP = blood pressure.
Note: Values are adjusted for age, sex, neighborhood socioeconomic status score, treatment (number of antihypertensive medications prescribed), and practice-level clustering.
a P value for interaction <.001.
b P <.001.
c P value for interaction = .27.
d P <.01.
e P value for interaction = .33.
Mean difference in systolic BP, mm Hga
Ethnic group and number of comorbidities
    White, 00.00 (ref)
    White, 1−3.77b
    White, ≥2−9.44b
    Black, 01.48b
    Black, 1−1.18
    Black, ≥2−0.58
    South Asian, 0−1.07
    South Asian, 1−5.13b
    South Asian, ≥2−1.79
Mean difference in diastolic BP, mm Hgc
Ethnic group
    White1.00 (ref)
    South Asian−1.48d
Number of comorbidities
    01.00 (ref)
BP <140/90 mm Hge
Ethnic group
    White1.00 (ref)
    Black0.86 (0.74–0.99)
    South Asian1.04 (0.85–1.27)
Number of comorbidities
    01.00 (ref)
    11.55 (1.37–1.77)
    ≥21.79 (1.45–2.22)