Table 5.

Odds of Patient Satisfaction With the Consultation in the Multivariate, Multilevel Logistic Regression Analysis

VariableAdjusted Odds Ratio (95% CI)
CI=confidence interval; ref = reference group; QI = quality improvement.
Notes: Detailed definitions for each category are given in the supplemental tables. Group was retained in the model using 2 dummy variables. The intra-cluster correlation coefficient was 2.37 e−7.
    Immediate test ordering1.00 (ref)
    Watchful waiting0.84 (0.39–1.82)
    Watchful waiting + QI0.91 (0.48–1.72)
Patient was generally satisfied with physician
    Yes14.39 (7.63–27.14)
    No1.00 (ref)
Patient felt taken seriously
    Yes7.56 (1.88–30.36)
    No or unknown1.00 (ref)
Physician discussed laboratory testing with patient, according to patient
    Yes2.28 (1.28–4.07)
    No or unknown1.00 (ref)
Patient knew seriousness of complaints after the consultation, according to patient
    Yes2.07 (1.18–3.63)
    No1.00 (ref)
Age of physician
    ≤ 46 years0.47 (0.26–0.84)
    >46 years1.00 (ref)
Physician considered complaints bearable
    Yes0.30 (0.11–0.78)
    No1.00 (ref)