Table 4.

Practice Pattern by Physician Group According to Whether Physicians Practice Obstetrics (Yes) or Not (No)

Urban Family PhysiciansRural Family PhysiciansObstetrician-Gynecologists
MeasureYes (n=100)No (n=265)P ValueYes (n=120)No (n=140)P ValueYes (n=242)No (n=69)P Value
Total professional hours per week
No. responding10026110412623858
Mean no. of hours47.849.5.2755.450.2.00558.343.5.000
Patient care hours spent per week
No. responding10026110412623858
Direct patient care hours, mean %82.885.5.2388.687.6.4787.079.3.009
Indirect patient care hours, mean %
Direct patient care hours spent per week
No. responding9925810412723156
Ambulatory clinics, mean %85.589.9.0678.881.2.3765.776.9.000
Hospital inpatient settings, mean %
Other settings, mean %
Weekly outpatient visits
No. responding10025910312623357
Mean no.77.784.2.1183.681.9.6674.947.6.000
Provide inpatient care
No. responding9925010112223357
Yes, %84.845.2.00096.070.5.000100.070.2.000
Among those providing inpatient care
No. responding84113978623340
Mean no. of weekly inpatient visits4.
Take call
No. responding922429612022854
Yes, %97.879.8.00097.984.2.00099.668.5.000
Among those taking call
Monthly on-call hours
    No. responding901939410122737
    Mean no. of hours96.8109.2.39122.2141.3.36119.5201.6.03
Monthly on-call patients
    No. responding84148899022136
    Mean no. of patients10.726.5.0416.322.1.1819.36.9.000