Table 2.

Prescription of Asthma Medication by Age-Group and Type of Medication

Age-Groups, Years
Medication Type1–2 n = 5,2933–5 n = 8,0416–8 n = 8,3359–11 n = 8,35012–14 n = 8,19615–17 n = 8,156Total n = 46,371
ICS = inhaled corticosteroids; LABA = long-acting β2-agonists; SABA = short-acting β2-agonists.
a We calculated percentage of children using some sort of asthma medication, not percentage of total population; therapy groups therefore add up to 100%. Therapy groups are defined as follows: SABA = monotherapy with short-acting β2-agonists; ICS = monotherapy with inhaled corticosteroids; SABA+ICS = combination therapy of these 2 medication groups (10.3% of children in this group also received 1 or more other asthma medicines, of which 82% were LABA); other medicines = all other therapies.
All asthma medication, %10.910.
Medication groups, %
Therapy groups, %a
    Other medicines7.