Table 2

Visit Characteristics Per Primary Care Visit, 2008-2015

2008a2015aPercent Changeb8-Year Trendc
(95% CI)
Mean visit duration, mind19.321.6122.4 (1.1-3.8)
Mean diagnoses, No.e2.02.3150.30 (0.16-0.43)
Mean medications, No.f3.13.9260.82 (0.59-1.1)
Mean preventive services, No.g0.340.59760.24 (0.12-0.36)
Mean procedures, No.h0.060.08330.02 (0.01-0.03)
  • NACMS = National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey.

  • a Presented as 3-year rolling averages.

  • b Percent change of each visit characteristic between 2008-2015.

  • c 8-year trend calculated for each subgroup by multiplying per-year regression coefficient across study period.

  • d Direct time spent with physician in minutes.

  • e NAMCS allows up to 3 write-in ICD-9/ICD-10 visit diagnoses (see Supplemental Appendix,

  • f NAMCS allows up to 8 write-in medications.

  • g Mean of the following 9 preventive services that were consistent in NAMCS 2007-2016: cholesterol, A1c, mammogram, depression screening, colonoscopy referral, bone-density, vaccines, chlamydia screening, Papanicolaou smear.

  • h Mean of up to 4 write-in ICD-9/ICD-10 procedures (see Supplemental Appendix,, based on limit from 2007-2016.