Table 2.

Distribution of “Yes” Answers to Violence-Related Questions by All Men in Relationships Who Completed the IPV Questions on the Computer Survey (N = 712)

IPV QuestionsNo. (%)
IPV=intimate partner violence.
    Within the past year has a partner slapped, kicked, pushed, choked, or punched you?119 (16.7)
    Within the past year has a partner forced or coerced you to have sex?48 (6.7)
    Within the past year has a partner threatened you with a knife/gun to scare/hurt you?40 (5.6)
    Within the past year has a partner made you afraid you would be physically hurt?33 (4.6)
    Within the past year has a partner used words/yelled/screamed in a way that frightened you?133 (18.7)
    Total disclosing any IPV victimization221 (31.0)
    Do you feel like you always need to be in control of your partner?61 (8.5)
    When you get angry, does it make your partner afraid?110 (15.5)
    Have you hit/pushed/shoved your partner in the past year?86 (12.1)
    Do you think there are times when it’s OK to physically hurt your partner?20 (2.8)
    Have you physically hurt your partner in the past year?30 (4.2)
    Are you worried you might physically hurt your partner?34 (4.8)
    Do you think your partner should have sex when he/she doesn’t want to?119 (16.7)
    Have you made your partner have sex when he/she didn’t want to?33 (4.6)
    Total disclosing any IPV perpetration117 (16.4)
Total disclosing both victimization and perpetration77 (10.8)
Total with any IPV261 (36.7)