Table 1.

Demographic Characteristics of Study Participants (N = 514) in the Control and Intervention Groups

CharacteristicsControl (n=246)Intervention (n=268)P Value
CRCS = colorectal cancer screening; DCBE = double-contrast barium enema; FOBT = fecal occult blood test; FS = flexible sigmoidoscopy.
a 2-sample t test.
b Pearson χ2 test.
Age, mean (SD), years65.6 (7.4)63.7 (7.6).004a
Female sex, %65.961.2.273b
Ethnicity, %.142b
    African American6.15.6
    Asian/Pacific Islander56.148.1
    Non-Latino white9.87.8
Non-English primary language, %75.672.0.392b
Economic indicator: insurance, %.638b
Economic indicator: yearly income, mean (SD), $10,967 (6,377)9,785 (6,383).036a
Health care access in the last year
    Primary care visits, mean (SD), No.6.0 (3.7)5.4 (3.5).091a
    One or more hospitalizations, %
    One or more emergency department visits, %7.310.4.214b
Preintervention flu shot and CRCS status, %
    Received flu shot in last year68.769.8.792b
Baseline status for CRCS tests, %
    FOBT in last 12 months36.235.4.863b
    FS in last 5 years9.810.5.795b
    DCBE in last 5 years1.61.1.621b
    Colonoscopy in last 10 years16.317.2.784b