Table 2.

Percentage of US Adults Aged 65 Years and Older Reporting Poor or Fair Self-Reported Health and Utilization of Preventive Care Services by Race/Ethnicity and Educational Attainment

VariablePoor or Fair Self-rated Health Status % (95% CI)Influenza Vaccination % (95% CI)Mammogram % (95% CI)Dental Checkup % (95% CI)
Source: Data used are from the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy, conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, Institute of Education Sciences, US Department of Education.
a High school diploma or equivalency degree.
b P <.05.
    White27 (24–29)b74 (71–77)b65 (62–69)63 (59–66)b
    Black49 (41–56)b59 (53–65)b68 (58–77)44 (38–51)b
    Hispanic41 (32–50)b63 (52–73)b75 (68–82)56 (46–65)b
Educational attainment
    >High School20 (16–24)b76 (72–80)b76 (71–81)b77 (73–81)b
    High Schoola27 (23–30)b74 (68–78)b62 (56–68)b60 (56–65)b
    <High School48 (43–53)b64 (59–69)b59 (53–65)b35 (30–40)b