Table 4.

Validity of the Depression Screens at 0 to 1 Month Postpartum (n = 438 Women, 20 With Major Depression)

Major DepressionaValidity, % (n/n)
Depression Screen and ResultNoYesTotalSensitivitySpecificityPPVNPV
NPV = negative predictive value; PHQ-2 = 2-item Patient Health Questionnaire; PHQ-9 = 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire; PPV = positive predictive value. Note: Values are numbers of women unless otherwise indicated.
a Women were defined as having major depression if they had a positive result on the Structured Clinical Interview for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - DSM-IV (SCID).
b Consists of the first 2 questions of the PHQ-9.
c Simple scoring: result is positive if sum of numbered responses is ≥10.
d Complex scoring: result is positive if at least 5 symptoms are present, including symptom 1, symptom 2, or both, and each symptom present has a response score of 2 to 3, except for symptom 9, for which a response score of 1 to 3 was acceptable.
2-Question screen (yes/no)100 (20/20)62 (259/418)11 (20/179)100 (259/259)
PHQ-2 (Likert response)b75 (15/20)88 (368/416)24 (15/63)99 (368/373)
PHQ-9 with simple scoringc75 (15/20)91 (380/418)28 (15/53)99 (380/385)
PHQ-9 with complex scoringd55 (11/20)94 (394/418)31 (11/35)98 (394/403)