Table 6.

Organizational Factors Independently Associated With Chronic Disease Management Across Models (β Represented Only)

Practice Profile PredictorsOverallCHCFFSFHNHSO
CHC = Community Health Center; FFS = fee for service; FHN = family health network; HSO = health service organization.
Note: Results of regression model showing the impact of each factor on chronic disease management performance. The model is adjusted for patient age and sex.
aAll participating CHCs hosted nurse-practitioners.
bPractices hosting more than 4 family physicians.
cNo. of patients per family physician ×1,000.
Presence of nurse-practitioner0.101a0.0620.0540.060
Large practicesb−0.067−0.125−0.0760.0042−0.087
Patient loadc−0.0320.021−0.069−0.0037−0.026