Table 1.

Demographic Characteristics of Male Emergency Departments Patients in Relationships (N = 712)*

Characteristic (No. Responding)IPV Positive (n=261)IPV Negative (n=451)P Value
IPV = intimate partner violence; PTSD = posttraumatic stress disorder.
Note: data are reported for the number and percentage of participants answering the particular question or set of questions, (eg, age is missing for 4 participants (3 IPV positive, 1 IPV negative), so n = 708.
a Depression measured by the Beck Depression Index: scores ≥20 are indicative of moderate or severe levels of depressive symptoms.34,35
b Posttraumatic Stress Diagnostic Scale: scores >20 reflect moderate or severe levels of PTSD symptoms.36
c Scale for Suicide Ideation: scores >11 were considered suicidal and referred for psychiatric evaluation.37,38
d Use of street drugs in last 4 weeks, or a history of intravenous drug use.
e Nonuse of condoms and 1 of the following: history of a sexually transmitted disease in past 5 years, or more than 1 sexual partner in last year.
f At least 1 positive responses to CAGE questions or drinking at least 3 times week and 4 or more drinks per day on occasion.
g Had sex with a person of the same sex in past 10 years.
h Has handgun in home or car or someone close has a gun.
i Always uses a seatbelt in a car.
j Has a working smoke detector where they live.
Age, mean (range), y (n = 708)35.4 (18–65)35.2 (18–66).835
Race (n=712).693
    African American229/26187.7408/45190.5
Education (n=705).004
    No high school diploma52/25520.460/45013.3
    High school diploma128/25550.2201/45044.7
    Some/completed college54/25521.2127/45028.2
    College graduate21/2558.262/45013.8
Health insurance (n = 694).126
Marital status (n = 708).017
    Single (never married)176/25868.2325/45072.2
Reason for visit (n = 698).590
Employed (n=709)139/26053.5270/44960.1.083
Moderate/severe depressiona (n=712)48/26118.415/4513.3<.001
Moderate/severe PTSDb (n=712)27/26110.35/4511.1<.001
Suicidal ideationsc (n=712)24/2619.23/4510.7<.001
Smoking (n=712)163/26162.5224/45149.7.001
Street drugsd (n=712)90/26134.5110/45124.4.004
High-risk sexual behaviore (n=698)95/25237.7118/43727.0.003
At-risk drinkingf (n=712)128/26149.0168/45137.3.002
Same-sex sexual partnerg (n=704)27/25910.443/4459.7.745
Handgun accessh (n=706)49/26018.968/44615.3.215
Seatbelt usei (n=703)151/25858.5338/44576.0<.001
Smoke detectorj (n=694)217/25286.1395/44289.4.201