Table 2.

Preintervention and Postintervention Changes in Percentage of Study Participants Up-to-Date with Colorectal Cancer Screening in the Control and Intervention Groups

CRCS StatusControl (n=246)Intervention (n=268)Between Group P Value
CRCS=colorectal cancer screening.
a Pearson χ2 test.
b 2-sample Wilcoxon rank-sum test on the preintervention-postintervention difference scores.
c McNemar test.
CRCS up-to-date before influenza season (October 16, 2006), %52.954.5.711a
CRCS up-to-date after influenza season (March 31, 2007), %57.384.3<.001a
Percentage point change+4.4 (−0.7 to 9.7)+29.8 (23.7 to 36.0)<.001b
Preintervention to postintervention P valuec.071<.001