Table 3.

Family Characteristics and Results From the Univariate Analyses

Family CharacteristicsNo Child With Asthma Medication Within Family (n = 22,456)≥1 Child Within Family With Asthma Prescription (n = 3,081)OR (95% CI)
CI = confidence interval; ICPC = International Classification for Primary Care; OR = odds ratio; SES = socioeconomic status.
a Ethnicity based on the country of birth.
b The highest SES of parent(s) using the International Socio-Economic Index of Occupational Status.
c At least 1 parent with registered ICPC code for asthma during the study period.
d Significant values P<.05.
1 or both parents non-Western cultural background, No. (%)a1,834 (10.6)275 (11.1)1.01 (0.87–1.17)
Mean SES highest (SD; range)b50.4 (15.5;16–87)49.5 (15.4;16–87)1.00 (0.99–1.00)
Parental asthma, No. (%)c821 (3.7)256 (8.3)2.33d (1.90–2.85)