Table 4.

Chronic Disease Management Measures Across Models

ACEI/ARB = antiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors/antiotensin receptor blockers; CHC = community health center; FFS = fee for service; FHN = family health network; HbA1c = hemoglobin A1c; HSO = health service organization.
Note: Values, unless otherwise stated, are expressed as percentage of charts on which the individual manoeuvre was noted.
aGenerated from contingency table using Pearson χ2 statistic.
bGenerated with analysis of variance.
cResult of regression analysis with only model dummy variables.
dP <.01 compared with CHC as reference.
eP <.001 compared with CHC as reference.
fP <.05 compared with CHC as a reference.
gResult of regression analysis with model dummy variables and adjusted for patient age and sex.
hPercentage of patients with HbA1c ≤ 7.0
iPercentage of patients with average target blood pressure in previous 6 months. Target blood pressure was 130/80 mm Hg for patients with diabetes and 140/90 mm Hg for all others.
jP <.05 compared to HSO as reference.
kP <.001 compared to HSO as reference.
Process measures
Diabetes, %
    Foot examination documented in previous 2 y63293939<.001a
    Eye examination in previous 2 y61443837.005a
    ACEI/ARB in previous 2 y71646573.536a
    2 HbA1c tests in previous 1 y73575448.007a
    Overall diabetes score69525354<.001b
Coronary artery disease, %
    Aspirin documented in previous 2 y80757275.81a
    β-Blocker documented in previous 2 y80676273.18a
    Statin documented in previous 2 y76816476.14a
    Overall coronary artery disease score79746675.11b
Congestive heart failure, %
    ACEI/ARB in previous 2 y63939384.17a
    β-Blocker in previous 2 y50474768.51a
    Overall congestive heart failure score56707076.56b
Overall chronic disease management score, %
Total score, mean72616064.003b
Unadjusted difference in scorecRef−11d−12e−8f
Adjusted difference in scoregRef−13e−15e−10d
Outcome measures: intermediate clinical outcome
    Target HbA1c, %h56546155.83a
    Last HbA1c level, mean %
    Target blood pressure, %i38403944.65a
    Systolic blood pressure, mean, mm Hg138j135.2137135.3.055b
    Diastolic blood pressure, mean, mm Hg81.2j80.4k80.1k76.7.007b