Table 1.

Core Features and Corresponding Elements of the Patient-Centered Medical Home4

Core FeatureElements
From the Joint Principles of the Patient-Centered Medical Home, 2007.4
Personal physicianEach patient has a personal physician that provides first-contact, continuous, and comprehensive care
Physician-led teamPhysician-directed medical practice with a multidisciplinary team of individuals who care for patients
Whole-person orientationCare for all stages of life, acute care, chronic care, preventative services, and end-of-life care
Coordinated careCare that is facilitated by registries, information technology, health information exchange, and culturally and linguistically appropriate services
Quality and safetyPhysician-patient partnerships, evidence-based medicine, quality improvement, patient participation in care, practice participation in voluntary recognition process
Alternative scheduling arrangementsPatient access to care through open scheduling, expanded hours, and various methods for communication between patients and their physician or care team
Payment reformAlignment of financial incentives to support coordination of care, alternative scheduling arrangements, use of new technologies, and improved quality of care