Table 3.

Patient, Clinician, and Practice Characteristics by Care Model

Practice ModelAssociation With CDMa
CDM = chronic disease management; CFPC = The College of Family Physicians of Canada; CHC = community health center; FSS = fee for service; FHN = family health network; HSO=health service organization.
aResult of unadjusted regression analysis between CDM score and each variable separately.
bIncludes all charts in sample meeting criteria for diabetes, coronary artery disease, congestive hearth failure, and hypertension.
cThe relationship between CDM and age is best represented by the following second-order equation: age β = 0.027+age2. β = 0.00019.
dIncludes registered practical nurses, nurses, and nursing assistants.
Patients included in CDM score120115138141
Diabetes, n82698082
Coronary artery disease, n50577284
Congestive heart failure, n8151519
Hypertension, n201221257236
Chronic diseases, average, nb1.
Age, yc59.662.663.865.10.0022.016
Sex, male, %394949500.057.027
Practice profile n (% response)35 (69)35 (23)35 (37)32 (49)
Solo practices, %02637380.0041.87
Practice size >4 family physicians, %1714403−0.044.188
Practice full-time equivalent, n
    Family physicians3.−0.0039.50
Presence of nurse-practitioner, %1008.631.418.80.097<.001
No. of patients per family physician, ×1,0001.−0.032.033
Booking time for routine visit, min251314140.0063.004
    Hospital within 10 km71859484−0.031.35
    Rurality index14.212.616.28.0−0.0010.16
Length of practice operation, y18.316.424.426.70.00029.80
Information technologies, %
    Electronic patient records29145744−0.021.44
    Electronic reminder system261446280.036.19
Clinician profile, n182588142
Years since graduation, n192223290.0021.15
Female clinician, %58454126−0.023.47
Foreign-trained clinician, %917314−0.0065.90
Clinicians with CFPC degree, %79857868−0.0017.96