Table 1.

Distribution of Characteristics (Means, Proportions) by Quartiles of Plasma 25(OH)D

Quartiles of 25(OH)D
CharacteristicsOverall Mean or Proportiona<25th25–49th50–74th75–100th
ACR=albumin-creatinine ratio; BMI=body mass index; BP=blood pressure; CV=cardiovascular; 25(OH)D=25, hydroxyvitamin D; eGFR=estimated glomerular filtration rate; MET = metabolic equivalent task.
Note: Values are weighted to produce national estimates.
a Numbers are proportions except where indicated as means.
25(OH)D, range, ng/mL<1818–24.925–31.9>32
25(OH)D, mean, ng/mL29.6413.9021.6028.4441.63
Age, mean, y43.6445.5545.8344.5340.89
Poverty level
Current smoker0.280.320.270.260.29
Exercise, METs <3.5/mo0.170.310.210.160.10
BMI, mean, kg/m226.4328.0027.4226.3725.25
Systolic BP, mean, mm Hg121.98124.31123.58122.08119.77
Total cholesterol, mean, mg/dL202.96204.32206.00201.64201.42
Serum albumin, mean, mg/dL4.
C-reactive protein, mean, mg/L0.410.490.420.420.36
eGFR, mean, mL/min per 1.73 m293.7298.7793.3293.4292.24
Urinary ACR, mean0.250.480.240.210.18
Self-rated health
    Very good0.320.240.280.330.36
Baseline CV morbidity0.
Chronic kidney disease0.