Table 2.

General Practitioners’ Ways of Understanding Responsibility for Current Patient Drug Lists (N = 20)

GP Identification No.Sex of Interviewee (Years in Profession)Category A Imposed ResponsibilityCategory B Responsible for Own PrescriptionsCategory C Responsible for All DrugsCategory D Different but Shared ResponsibilityCategory E Patient Transferring Drug Information
GP=general practitioner.
Note: Distribution of each individual physician’s predominant understanding (++) and less-dominant understanding (+) as expressed in the interviews. Categories were labeled after informant’s description of what was in focus regarding responsibility for patient drug list.
2Male (24)+++
15Male (23)+++
10Male (22)++++
1Male (21)++
5Female (20)++
11Female (1)++++
3Male (1)++++
6Male (trainee)+++++
16Female (24)++++
13Male (12)++++
7Female (14)+++
8Male (1)++
14Male (trainee)+++
12Male (27)+++
18Male (23)+++
9Male (17)+++
4Female (12)++++
17Female (4)++++
19Male (1)++++
20Female (trainee)++++