Table 5.

Multivariate Analysis of the Association Between Diabetes Risk Factors and the Odds of Undiagnosed Type 2 Diabetes and Diagnostic Performance

ModelOdds Ratio (95% CI)PValueUndiagnosed Diabetes, No. (%)AUC (95% CI)a
AUC = area under the receiver operating characteristic curve; BMI = body mass index; CI = confidence interval.
Note: Only risk factors with P =.15 in Table 4 were included.
a An AUC of 0.50 means that the model does not predict the outcome better (more accurately) or worse (less accurately) than random guess; an AUC greater than 0.50 means that the prediction is better than random, and an AUC less than 0.50 means that the prediction is worse than random.
Model 112 (12.6)0.54 (0.48–0.61)
    Obesity (BMI >27 kg/m2)3.1 (1.9–5.0)<.001
    Hypertension2.3 (1.5–3.5)<.001
    Family history of diabetes1.4 (1.0–2.2).09
Model 230 (31.6)0.60 (0.54–0.66)
    Obesity3.0 (1.9–4.9)<.001
    Hypertension2.3 (1.5–3.5)<.001
Model 373 (76.8)0.63 (0.58–0.68)
    Obesity3.2 (2.0–5.2)<.001