Table 1.

Baseline Characteristics of the Study Sample

Diagnosis by MINI
CharacteristicNo Disorder n=423 (65.4%)Depression Without Anxiety n=27 (4.2%)Depression With Anxiety n=78 (12.1%)Bipolar Disorder n=60 (9.3%)Anxiety Without Depression n=59 (9.1%)Total N=647
GED = general equivalency diploma; MINI = Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview.
a Employment status, marital status, education, and income were not collected on the first 99 participants. For all variables, percentages were calculated for participants with available data.
Mean age (SD) [range], y46.4 (16.6) [18–92]44.9 (14.6) [19–70]45.0 (12.4) [19–70]41.2 (10.7) [18–63]41.0 (13.8) [21–72]45.2 (15.4) [18–92]
Women, %69.585.271.878.366.170.9
Race, %
Marital status, %a
    Living with partner4.88.31.516.08.05.9
Education, %a
    Without high school2.
    Diploma or GED30.647.848.554.236.736.2
    High school diploma/GED13.526.118.26.320.414.6
    Associate/technical degree29.413.
    College diploma23.
    Graduate degree
Household’s gross income, %a
    Not know/refused12.326.115.210.410.212.9
Employment status, %a
    Retired, not working17.08.716.