Table 5.

Question-Asking Behavior by Patients in Intervention Practices (n = 415 Patients) and Control Practices (n = 352 Patients) as Determined From Audio Recordings

MeasureIntervention Patients % or MeanControl Patients % or MeanP ValueIntervention Patients % or MeanControl Patients % or MeanP Value
AM3=Ask Me 3.
a F statistic from generalized linear mixed models (for categorical data) or general linear mixed models (for continuous data).
b Adjusted for clustering and the following covariates: age, sex, race/ethnicity (non-Hispanic white vs other/missing), education, years with physician.
c χ2 test.
d Student t test for independent samples.
Did patient ask any AM3 questions? (% Yes)2630.16c2631.34
Did patient ask any questions of any type? (% Yes)9292.87c9291.84
Number of AM3 questions0.470.52.56d0.500.53.83
Number of questions including AM36.946.37.23d6.756.55.82
Number of questions excluding AM36.465.86.18d6.236.03.80