Table 3.

Patients’ Characteristics as Obtained From the Postvisit Questionnaire, for Intervention Practices (n = 445 Patients) and Control Practices (n = 389 Patients)

CharacteristicIntervention Patients % or MeanControl Patients % or MeanP Value
a χ2 test.
b Student t test for independent samples.
Sex (n)(443)(386).06a
Age category (n)(435)(382).09a
    18–30 y1410
    31–40 y1512
    41–50 y1925
    51–60 y1924
    61–70 y1917
    71–80 y1412
Racial identification (n)(431)(378).60a
    Other/≥2 responses45
Ethnic identification (n)(431)(378).002a
    Not Hispanic9096
Current marital status (n)(434)(383).048a
    Living together46
    Never married1012
Employed full-time (n)(434)(383).21a
Employed part-time (n)(443)(386).63a
Retired (n)(443)(386).05a
Educational attainment (n)(432)(384).02a
    <High school1116
    High school graduate3328
    Some college3027
    College graduate1916
    Postgraduate study813
Years as patient of study physician (n)3.07 (281)3.37 (221).07b
Source of insurance (n)(433)(380).07a