Table 1.

Sociodemographic and Morbidity Measures by Sex for Population-Weighted Canadian Community Health Survey, 2000–2001 for Ontario, and Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups, 2001–2002

CCHS = Canadian Community Health Survey.
aEducational attainment categorized as low (not completed high school), medium (high school completion and some postsecondary education), and high (university degree). Values missing for 0.7% of respondents.
bIncome defined using total household income adjusted for the number of people living in the household and categorized as low (Statistics Canada’s lowest and lower-middle income), medium (upper-middle income), and high (highest income). For a household with 2 or fewer people, income levels correspond with Canadian dollar incomes of <$30,000, $30,000-59,999, and ≥$60,000, respectively. Values missing for 9.0% of respondents.
CCHS measures
Mean age, y45.647.144.1<.001
Educational attainment, %a
Income, %b
Poor-fair self-rated health, %12.813.811.9<.001
≥2 Chronic conditions, %41.649.634.3<.001
Depression, %11.714.98.8<.001
Disability, %13.918.99.4<.001
Adjusted Clinical Groups
≥6 Aggregated diagnosis groups, %30.338.922.4<.001
≥4 Resource utilization bands, %<.001