Table 1.

Characteristics of Web Sites Where Antibiotics Are Available Without a Prescription (n = 50) and Web Sites Requiring an Online Health History (n = 88)

CharacteristicsAvailable Without Prescription %Available With Online Prescription %PValuea
a χ2 used to test for differences of observed differences.
Penicillins available94.094.3.94
Macrolides available96.096.6.86
Fluoroquinolones available96.042.0<.01
Cephalosporins available74.046.6<.01
Azithromycin in quantities larger than a single course (among those selling macrolides)
Sell to United States96.0100.0.06
Sell to Canada90.075.0.03
Sell to United Kingdom98.077.3<.01
Usual delivery time >7 days60.037.1.02