Table 1.

Participation in 3 National Surveys of AAFP and AAFP NRN Physicians

AAFP Physicians SurveyedAAFP NRN Physicians Surveyed
SurveyMembers Sample/Population No.Respondents No. (%)Members No.Respondents No. (%)
AAFP = American Academy of Family Physicians; NRN = National Research Network.
a Survey had 2 follow-up mailings to nonrespondents for both surveyed groups.
b Number in parentheses signifies effective sample size, or the original sample size minus mailed questionnaires with bad addresses returned to AAFP NRN research office.
c Survey had 2 follow-up mailings to AAFP member nonrespondents and no follow-up mailings to AAFP NRN nonrespondents.
Hepatitis C, 2003a1,200/34,467 (1,189)b634 (53)243174 (72)
Hyperlipidemia, 2003–2004c1,200/33,233 (1,168)b676 (58)258155 (60)
Pharyngitis, 2004a1,000/33,200 (994)b583 (59)263186 (71)