Table 1.

Demographics and Study-Related Variables in Children: Maltreated vs Not Maltreated and Abused vs Not Abused

CPS-Reported MaltreatmentChild Self-Reported Abuse
VariableMaltreated (n=559)Not Maltreated (n=286)P ValueAbused (n=402)Not Abused (n=425)P Value
CPS=Child Protective Services; NS=not significant.
a On a scale ranging from 0 to 30.
Sex, male, %49.448.6NS45.851.3NS
Race, %<.001NS
    African American45.873.154.256.7
Age, years1212NS1212NS
Nausea/vomiting, %47.643.5NS53.438.0<.001
Abdominal pain, %59.352.1.0463.151.1<.001
Psychological distress, mean (SD)a4.8 (4.7)3.7 (3.7)<.0015.7 (4.8)3.1 (3.4)<.001