Table 3.

Clinical Items Showing Differences Between AAFP and AAFP NRN Physicians Across 3 National Surveys

Survey and ItemAAFPAAFP NRNχ2(df)Probability
AAFP = American Academy of Family Physicians; NRN = National Research Network; PANDAS = pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder with group A streptococcus.
Hepatitis C survey
Test prenatal patients10.960 (3).012
    Very likely, %18.913.3
    Somewhat likely, %21.520.9
    Somewhat unlikely, %43.838.6
    Very unlikely, %15.927.2
    Total No.466158
Refer to gastroenterologist for positive test23.506 (1)<.001
    Yes, %73.954.2
    No, %26.145.8
    Total No.564166
Hyperlipidemia survey
Low-density lipoprotein goal33.384 (3)<.001
    <70 mg/dL, %5.011.7
    <100 mg/dL, %74.382.5
    <130 mg/dL, %18.51.9
    <160 mg/dL, %2.33.9
    Total No.622154
Stop statin if elevated liver function test15.682 (4).003
    Any elevation above normal, %6.75.8
    1.5 X upper limit of normal, %18.59.7
    2 X upper limit of normal, %40.948.4
    3 X upper limit of normal, %28.635.5
    Other, %5.30.6
    Total No.626155
Pharyngitis survey
Stop antibiotics if test negative16.536 (3).001
    Always, %23.213.7
    Often, %22.138.8
    Sometimes, %33.931.7
    Never, %20.815.8
    Total No.375139
Antibiotics to stop PANDAS5.065 (1).024
    Yes, %15.58.8
    No, %84.591.2
    Total No.528181
To shorten course of symptoms3.873 (1).049
    Yes, %66.774.6
    No, %33.325.4
    Total No.529181
Most likely diagnostic and treatment approach to patient11.803 (5).038
    No test, give antibiotic, %25.932.6
    Rapid test, give antibiotic if positive and no antibiotic if negative, %9.614.4
    Rapid test, give antibiotic if positive, culture and give antibiotic if negative, and give antibiotic awaiting results, %29.627.6
    Rapid test, give antibiotic if positive, culture and no antibiotic if negative awaiting results, %15.611.0
    Culture, give antibiotic, await results8.08.8
    Rapid test and or culture and give anti- biotic despite a negative result, %11.35.5
    Total No.513181