Table 2.

Demographic Comparisons between AAFP Respondents and AAFP NRN Respondents Across 3 National Surveys

Hepatitis C SurveyHyperlipidemia SurveyPharyngitis Survey
Demographic CharacteristicAAFPNRNAAFPNRNAAFPNRN
AAFP = American Academy of Family Physicians; NRN = National Research Network.
a P values based on χ2 tests using categorical data and t tests (independent samples) for comparing means between the 2 groups.
b Data obtained from AAFP Member Master Database for both AAFP and AAFP NRN respondents and not from survey.
    Male, %707670767172
    Female, %302430242928
    No. of cases596174641152523181
Practice location
    Urban, %2433Item not askedItem not asked2132
    Suburban, %39354339
    Rural, %37333529
    No. of cases585171505175
Practice type
    Single specialty, %67467161Item not askedItem not asked
    Multispecialty, %20161819
    Residency university, %437No such categoryNo such category
    Other, %921120
    No. of cases592173641148
Census region
    Northeast, %152416211423
    Midwest, %261630202918
    South, %353630343534
    West, %252424252226
    No. of cases596166641142510172
Age, years
    Mean, years45.847.346.948.046.747.8
    SD, years9.
    No. of cases591174630152524161
Years in practice
    Mean years14.516.415.417.014.716.1
    SD, years9.
    No. of cases588172629151521181
Time in patient care
    Mean, %90.268.589.064.989.3b61.7b
    SD, %12.927.611.727.312.232.7
    No. of cases597174641155524161