Table 2.

Categories of Costs Identified and Estimated for Each Program and Practice

Direct Cost of Personnel Time
CategoryNonpersonnel CostsQuality Data CaptureaData Collecting and Reportinga
Note: Staff/personnel time costs are calculated as follows: cost = (hours devoted to task) (hourly salary + 22% [for benefits]). Source for benefit rate:
a Staff includes any employee, clinician, or administrator associated with the practice or program.
b Includes only the proportion of costs devoted to collecting and reporting data specifically for the reporting program.
DefinitionCost of hardware, software, program materials, or participation feesbPatient care or administrative process alterations caused by program participationTime expended specifically on data collecting and reporting for the program
Types of costs identified and estimatedApplication fees
 Cost of written program materials
 Software or software upgrades Hardware
 Data backup (electronic or paper), data security
 Legal consultations for agreements
 Excess clinical supplies needed to participatePersonnel time to decide whether to participate in the program
 Personnel time to decide on measures to work on within a program
 Meeting times (formal and informal) to inform practice staff of program expectations, requirements, changes in staff roles and duties.
 Regional meetings with other practices or administrators of the program(s)
 Staff time to develop, improve, or add a new process to capture quality data item and document the item
 Information technology support time
 Staff time devoted to improving information interoperability necessary for data capture, submission, and cross-communication with different electronic systems
 On-site staff time provided and paid for by the program and devoted to educating and/or assisting the practiceOn-site staff time provided and paid for by the program and devoted to extracting data elements
 Report generation time, and/or report review time
 Data entry and upload
 Developing and maintaining a list of active patients for whom a measure applies; work to contact patients who are potentially inactive
 Chart audit/data abstraction