Table 5.

Causes of Dizziness in 417 Elderly Patients in Primary Care (Panel Diagnosis)

Major CauseMinor CauseTotala
Note: Data for each patient were independently reviewed by a family physician, a geriatrician, and a nursing home doctor.
a Adds up to more than 100%, because more than 1 cause of dizziness per patient is possible.
Contributing causes
    Adverse drug effect102962310625
    Cardiovascular disease (including cerebrovascular disease)23757661630373
    Locomotor disease15443105814
    Metabolic or endocrine conditions313161
    Neurological disease (excluding cerebrovascular disease)1233694812
    Psychiatric illness411040108119
    Peripheral vestibular disease6014401010024
    Impaired vision203151
    Other causes314172
Contributing causes per patient