Table 2.

Dizziness Characteristics of 417 Dizzy Elderly Patients in Primary Care

a Adds up to more than 100%, because more than 1 answer is possible.
    Instability or unsteadiness28769
    Loss of balance28067
    Rotational sensation22855
    Tendency to fall22654
    Environment spinning13733
    Becoming unwell11528
    Near faint9723
    Everything turning black6816
    Other dizziness8320
    2–4 wk307
    1–6 mo9824
    6–24 mo11026
    2–10 y12029
    >10 y5914
Duration of symptoms
    <10 sec11026
    10–60 sec7819
    Several minutes7117
    Several minutes to 1 h225
    >1 h358
    Constant when present266
    Combination of above possibilities7518
Provoking circumstancesa
    Getting up from a lying or sitting position29270
    Bending forward25862
    Turning head22353
    Looking up21050
    Standing still9924
    Strong emotions8220
Associated symptomsa
    Falling/almost falling20750
    Trouble with walking18444
    Sweaty, pale, or clammy9122
    Chest pain287
    Hearing problems246
    Trouble with speaking or swallowing123
    Chest pain287