Table 3.

Associations with Influenza Immunization: Logistic Regression (n = 311)a

CharacteristicOdds Ratio95% CIPValue
CI = confidence interval.
a Hosmer-Lemeshow goodness-of-fit test showed no significant difference between observed values and values predicted by the model (P = .223).
b Indicator contrast, with pharmacists as the reference category.
c From a separate logistic regression with these 2 questionnaire variables added to the analysis (n = 204).
Intervention clinic3.512.03–6.09<.001
Immunized previous season8.114.17–15.77<.001
Male sex1.230.62–2.44.551
Age (per 1-year increase)1.000.97–1.03.845
Chronic disease2.391.05–5.43.038
“Desirable to immunize primary health clinic staff”c3.981.67–9.47.002
“Immunization can cause Influenza” (or “don’t know”)c1.310.59–2.91.502