Table 3.

Incident Rate Ratios (IRR) For Death From Cardiovascular Disease During Follow-up Interval With Selected Adjustment

25(OH)D=25, hydroxyvitamin D.
Note: All models adjusted for age, log (age), sex, region, and month of baseline evaluation. Model 1 adjusts for race, model 2 adjusts for race and serum 25(OH)D (lowest quartile vs others), model 3 adjusts for race and poverty level, and model 4 adjusts for race, poverty level, and serum 25(OH)D.
Model 1
Race (reference white)
Model 2
Race (reference white)
25(OH)D quartile (reference highest quartile)
    Low 25(OH)D1.731.44–2.09
Model 3
Race (reference white)
Poverty level (reference <100%)
Model 4
Race (reference white)
Poverty level (reference <100%)
25(OH)D (reference highest quartile)
    Low 25(OH)D1.701.43–2.03