Table 2

Hazard Ratios of Mortality in Participants for Different Dizziness Subtypes

Dizziness SubtypeNo. of PersonsNo. of DeathsPerson YearsIncidence Rate (95% CI) per 1,000 Person YearsCompared With Participants Without This Subtype
Unadjusted HR (95% CI)Adjusted HR (95% CI)a
Vertigo171581,21347.81 (36.30-61.80)0.64 (0.47-0.88)0.62 (0.40-0.96)
Presyncope2881261,90366.21 (55.15-78.83)1.36 (0.96-1.92)1.23 (0.82-1.85)
Disequilibrium161651,03962.55 (48.27-79.72)1.09 (0.80-1.49)1.26 (0.85-1.87)
Other dizziness724841.70 (5.50-150.63)0.67 (0.17-2.71)0.76 (0.18-3.18)
  • HR = hazard ratio; PRIME-MD PHQ = Primary Care Evaluation of Mental Disorders Patient Health Questionnaire.

  • a Adjusted for age, sex, ethnicity, level of education, preexistent cardiovascular disease and/or stroke, diabetes, polypharmacy (defined as >5 types of daily medication), an anxiety or depressive disorder according to the PRIME-MD PHQ, and the number of assigned dizziness subtypes.