Table 2.

Information Sources Cited by Focus Group Participants

Information Source
Nurse, nurse practitioner
Diabetes educator
Eye doctor, eye laser surgeon
Health care professional(s), specific role not indicated
Self, have had training as health professional or worked in medical field
Hospital-based diabetes center
Insurance company nurse, nurse, dietician, educator, wellness program personnel
Workplace nurse, health professional or wellness program
Family, including family members with diabetes
Friends, neighbors, coworkers, acquaintances, other patients, personal interaction, “word of mouth”
Classes or seminars
Support groups
Participation in research study
Comprehensive weight loss program
Health fair or similar event
Internet (Web sites, search engines)
Information from organizations (eg, American Diabetes Association, American Kidney Foundation), other than from their Web sites
Magazines (eg, Diabetes Forecast, Diabetes Self-Management, popular magazines—especially health/diet, cooking, women’s, African-American interest)
Television (eg, “D-Life,” news programs, talk shows, food-oriented shows)
Newspaper/newsmagazine articles
Booklets, brochures, etc, from clinic or health professionals
Booklets, brochures, newsletters, e-mail newsletters, etc, from miscellaneous sources (“in the mail”)
Information from pharmaceutical company, drugstore, medication supplier
Information from insurance company
“Reading” or “studying” (type of material not specified)
“Media” or “articles” (not further specified)
Nutrition labels on food packages
Nutritional information pamphlet, fast foods
Product information (eg, Glucerna, information in insulin kit)
Atkins, South Beach diets
Reader’s Digest “Change One” program
Exercise videos
Printed reports of laboratory results