Table 6.

Stopwatch Measurements Before and After Implementation of EHR

VariablePaper Before (After)Computer Before (After)PValue
EHR=electronic health record; VAS=visual analog scale.
Total time, min25.6 (14.9)23.8 (14.4).45
Time spent out of room, min5.9 (7.0)3.2 (5.0).01
Physician left the room,%53.559.7.44
Time spent on computer/looking or writing in chart, min2.8 (3.4)4.4 (3.0).002
Physician talks while taking notes, %9297.21
Structuring of visit by documentation system (VAS)30.7 (24.2)30.9 (20.5).96
Role of the documentation system (VAS)21.5 (19.3)33.8 (22.8).001