Table 1.

Items and Scales Used by Physicians to Rate Chronic Care Processes

Item and ScaleFactor LoadingCronbach α
Physician satisfaction with aspects of chronic care
Regarding your chronically ill older patients, how satisfied are you with the following aspects of care that you and your staff provide (with 6 response options, ranging from “very dissatisfied” to “very satisfied”)?
Satisfaction with patient/family communication scale
    Communicating with patients0.620.90
    Communicating with family caregivers0.84
    Educating family caregivers0.84
    Motivating patients to participate in maximizing their health0.61
    Referrals to community resources0.64
Satisfaction with management of chronic care
    Coordinating the care received from all providers0.770.93
    Monitoring patients’ chronic conditions0.82
    Efficiency of office visits0.72
    Access to evidence-based guidelines for chronic conditions0.59
    Efficiency of practice team0.67
    Availability of clinical information about your patients0.63
Time spent managing chronically ill patients
Regarding your chronically ill older patients, please rate the amount of time that you need to spend (with 5 response options, ranging from “very little” to “just right” to “excessive”).
Talking on the telephone with the patients0.75
Talking on the telephone with family caregivers0.840.73
Communicating with physicians and other healthcare providers0.51
Knowledge of patients
Regarding your chronically ill older patients, please check the one best answer (with 4 response options, ranging from “definitely not” to “definitely”).
Knowledge of patients’ personal circumstances
Do you know who lives with each of your patients?0.790.58
Would you know if patients had trouble getting or paying for a prescribed medication?0.52
Knowledge of patients’ clinical characteristics
Do you think you understand what problems are most important to the patients you see?0.820.82
Do you think you know each patient’s complete medical history?0.67
Do you know all the medications that your patients are taking?0.77