Table 2.

Cox Survival Analyses of Coronary Heart Disease Risk Prediction Using Framingham Risk Scoring SES Adjustment and With Individually Based and Hybrid SES Adjustment

Individual-Based SES (n=12,393)Block Group–Based Hybrid SES (n=12,032)Zip Code–Based Hybrid SES (n=12,921)
Survival AnalysisHazard Ratio (95% CI)P ValueHazard Ratio (95% CI)P ValueHazard Ratio (95% CI)P Value
SES=socioeconomic status.
Note: Framingham risk score is complementary log-log transformed: log[–log (1–Framingham risk score)].
a Individually based, block group–based hybrid, or zip code–based hybrid SES adjustment.
Framingham risk score alone
    Framingham risk score2.34 (2.12–2.57)<.012.29 (2.08–2.52)<.012.33 (2.12–2.55)<.01
Framingham risk score + SES
    Framingham risk score2.30 (2.09–2.53)<.012.25 (2.04–2.47)<.012.30 (2.09–2.52)<.01
    Lower SESa1.60 (1.34–1.92)<.011.58 (1.32–1.89)<.011.42 (1.18–1.70)<.01