Table 3.

Trends in Average Cost Per Prescription Before and After Policy Implementation at Madras Medical Group (MMG) Alone and Relative to Control

MMG TrendMMG Relative to Control
PrescribingEstimate $95% CIP ValueEstimate $95% CIP Value
a Changes after policy implementation.
Note: Baseline level = prescribing rate at month 1 (April 2004); pre trend = monthly change in prescribing rate in period before policy implementation; level change = change in prescribing rate immediately before policy implementation (September 2005) to immediately after policy implementation (April 2006); post trend = monthly change in prescribing rate in period after policy implementation. MMG relative to control estimates are interpreted similarly, but adjusted for concurrent prescribing trends in the control group.
    Baseline level37.9436.43 to 39.45<.001
    Pre trend−0.30−0.44 to −0.16<.001−0.51−0.70 to −0.32<.0001
    Level changea2.840.24 to 5.45.0415.181.71 to 8.65.005
    Trend changea−0.15−0.49 to 0.18.159−0.28−0.73 to 0.18.091
    Baseline level37.7034.56 to 40.84<.001
    Pre trend−0.34−0.63 to −0.05.027−0.46−0.81 to −0.12.010
    Level changea−1.80−7.17 to 3.56.515−5.96−12.35 to 0.43.072
    Post trenda−0.16−0.86 to 0.55.3770.22−0.61 to 1.05.007
    Baseline level16.4515.85 to 17.05<.001
    Pre trend−0.03−0.09 to 0.02.285−0.10−0.20 to 0.00.059
    Level changea−0.86−1.90 to 0.19.118−1.31−3.20 to 0.59.181
    Post trenda−0.06−0.19 to 0.07.4840.02−0.22 to 0.27.094
Lipid-lowering drugs
    Baseline level80.0476.85 to 83.23<.001
    Pre trend−0.07−0.37 to 0.22.632−0.01−0.41 to 0.39.955
    Level changea−1.93−7.41 to 3.56.4972.38−5.04 to 9.79.532
    Post trenda−0.67−1.38 to 0.04.009−0.71−1.67 to 0.24.016
Respiratory drugs
    Baseline level81.4776.75 to 86.19<.001
    Pre trend−0.25−0.69 to 0.18.267−0.67−1.29 to −0.06.036
    Level changea−3.57−11.70 to 4.56.396−0.47−11.84 to 10.91.936
    Post trenda−0.08−1.13 to 0.97.595−0.28−1.76 to 1.21.373