Table 1.

Demographic Comparison of DPC Enrollees and Usual Care Patients Completing 18-Month Assessments

VariableDPC Enrollees (n=120)Usual Care (n=65)P Value
DPC = Depression in Primary Care; PHQ = Physician health Questionnaire.
a Assessed using t test.
b Assessed using χ2.
c Available for only the subset of DPC enrollees who completed questionnaires.
Mean age, y46.146.0.96a
Female, %
Insurance type, %
    Health maintenance organization48.748.3
    Fee for service39.340.3
    Other (Medicaid/safety net)
Ethnic/racial minority, %
Self-reported conditions, %
    Heart disease7.54.6.42b
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease5.06.2.74b
Comorbid medical problems, %
    3 or more1.71.5.69b
Known recurrent (>3 episodes) or chronic depression, %65.876.6.18b
Taking antidepressant medication before intake/baseline, %60.871.9.18b
Mean PHQ-8 score at entry10.989.94.24a
Self-reported lifetime history, %(n=26)(n=65)
    Bipolar disorderc15.415.6.98b
    Anxiety disorderc30.836.4.61b
    Panic disorderc19.29.2.17b