Table 1.

Search Results

Initial Search SourceInitial ResultSatisfied Inclusion CriteriaSelected for Full Appraisal
ICGP = Irish College of General Practitioners; LGB = lesbian, gay, and bisexual; LGBT = lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender; NHMRC = National Health and Medical Research Council; NICE = National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence; PACE = Project for Advice, Counselling and Education; RACGP = Royal Australian College of General Practitioners; RCGP = Royal College of General Practitioners; RNZCGP = Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners; STI = sexually transmitted infection.
Notes: Values are numbers of documents. The $ symbol is a truncation symbol enabling the search engine to find word variations on that stem or alternate spellings.
a MEDLINE, Web of Science, CINAHL Plus, PsycINFO, PubMed, Academic Search Premier (EBSCO host); no date restriction used.
Electronic databasesa
    Lesbian, gay AND primary care NOT HIV,STI598
    Lesbian, gay AND physician, family NOT HIV,STI436
    Guideline$ AND lesbian AND physician, family129
    Guideline$ AND bisexual women AND physician, family78
    Guideline$ AND lesbian AND primary care164
    Guideline$ AND bisexual women AND primary care101
    Recommend$ AND lesbian health63
    Recommend$ AND lesbian AND physician, family31
    Recommend$ AND bisexual women AND physician, family19
    Recommend$ AND lesbian AND primary care45
    Recommend$ and bisexual women AND primary care30
    Polic$ AND lesbian health34
    Guideline$ and male homosexual AND physician, family103
    Guideline$ and bisexual men AND physician, family104
    Guideline$ and male homosexual AND primary care124
    Guideline$ and bisexual men AND primary care126
    Recommend$ AND male homosexual AND physician, family50
    Recommend$ AND bisexual men AND physician, family29
    Recommend$ AND male homosexual AND primary care63
    Recommend$ and bisexual men AND primary care36
    Polic$ AND gay men’s health17100
Cochrane Collaboration
    Database of Systematic Reviews0
    Central Register for Clinical Trials200
Guidelines databases
    NHMRC (Australia), Guidelines International Network (Europe), NICE (UK), Canadian Medical Association Clinical Practice Guidelines, New Zealand Guidelines Group0
    US National Guidelines Clearinghouse1300
Primary care and public health organizations
    RACGP (Australia), RNZCGP (New Zealand), RCGP (UK), ICGP (Ireland), College of Family Physicians (Canada), American Academy of Family Physicians (US)0
    UK Royal College of Nursing111
Government Departments of Health
    Massachusetts, Washington, Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario, Kaiser Permanente (US), Department of Health (UK), NHS Scotland885
LGBT-specific textbooks1262
LGB organization Web sites
    Stonewall (UK), US National Coalition for LGBT Health, Mautner National Lesbian Health Project (US)0
    Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria, Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (US), International Lesbian and Gay Association, PACE (UK), Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (Ireland)553