Table 1.

Patterns in Health Care Utilization and Insurance Among Adolescents Aged 13 to 18 With Continuous Health Insurance Enrollment, HealthPartners, 1997–2008

Nonpreventive CarePreventive Care, %
Visit CharacteristicsCommercial, %Government, %Commercial, %Government, %
Note: Among adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18 years with continuous enrollment (333 or more days between birthdays) for 4 or more years.
aComparing number of total preventive or nonpreventive care visits between insurance types.
Number of visits
    5 to 10342500
No.No.P ValueaNo.No.P Value
Mean total visits, No.6.836.41.0281.071.18<.001
Mean visit rate per year1.501.47.5700.230.27<.001