Table 8.

Samples of Comments About MEADERS

MEADERS = Medication Error and Adverse Drug Event Reporting System.
Positive comments
    “I am more cognizant of potential errors and adverse events and more vigilant about not repeating them.”
    “I am more aware of medication errors and the importance of careful med review/prescribing practices.”
    “I am more aware of all the different types of medication errors that go on in day to day practice.”
    “It made me more aware of the number of errors and made me more careful when doing my job.”
    “I’m more cautious in giving shots and med samples.”
Negative comments
    “I do not have a computer at my work station. To write down the events and input them later was time consuming and cumbersome.”
    “It was difficult to determine which category to report issues in. It was also difficult to remember to do it at the end of the day.”
    “I do not think the average primary care doctor has time to do this!”
    “Only a small amount of errors got logged due to the time required.”