Table 2.

Adjusted Mean Number of Preventive and Nonpreventive Care Visits Among Continuously Enrolled Adolescents Between the Ages of 13 and 18 Years, HealthPartners 1998–2007.

CharacteristicPreventive Care Visits Mean No. (SD)PValueNonpreventive Care Visits Mean No. (SD)PValue
Note: Among adolescents with continuous enrollment (333 or more days between birthdays) for 4 or more years. Regression model adjusted mutually for insurance type and sex.
Insurance type
    Commercial1.070 (0.947)<.0016.829 (6.756)<.005
    Government1.1781 (1.094)6.412 (8.009)
    Female1.162 (0.985)<.0017.729 (7.514)<.001
    Male0.991 (0.916)5.918 (5.937)