Table 2.

Extent of Family Physician Involvement by Cancer Phase

Extent of InvolvementN (% of Patients)PValuea
a From the Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel test; compares, across cancer phases, the proportion of patients who reported each extent of family physician involvement.
b Only for patients who had treatment.
c This question was not asked at the diagnosis phase; often, treatment had already begun at the baseline interview.
Contact with family physician
    Diagnosis364 (58.8)<.001
    Primary treatment108 (60.2)
    Stability228 (88.2)
    Progression/relapse48 (75.0)
    Advanced/terminal37 (67.6)
If contact with family physician, discussion about visits to oncologist
    Diagnosis214 (72.9).09
    Primary treatment65 (77.8)
    Stability197 (79.7)
    Progression/relapse36 (91.7)
    Advanced/terminal22 (83.3)
Questions to ask of family physician in relation to cancer
    Diagnosis214 (32.7)<.001
    Primary treatment65 (43.1)
    Stability201 (44.3)
    Progression/relapse36 (50.0)
    Advanced/terminal25 (64.0)
Family physician involvement in treatment decisionsb
    Primary treatment53 (15.1)
    Stability107 (16.8)
    Progression/relapse34 (20.6)
    Advanced/terminal13 (53.9)