Table 7.

Feedback From 164 Participants

CategoryPercentage of Participants
MEADERS = Medication Error and Adverse Drug Event Reporting System.
Note: A total of 164 of 220 participants provided feedback, for a survey response rate of 75%.
Reported at least 1 event57
Understood what should be reported
    Somewhat understood16
Accessing MEADERS
    Little or no difficulty96
    Great difficulty3
    Could not access system1
Using MEADERS (agreed or strongly agreed)
    “It is easy to use.”90
Effect of reporting on the user (agreed or strongly agreed)
    “It allows me to be candid when reporting errors.”79
    “It encourages me to learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others.”64
    “It increased my own awareness of how errors affect patient care.”61
    “It has helped me to improve patient care at my practice.”41
    “It has led to changes in how we practice medicine.”25
    “It has increased the fear of repercussion in the practice.”36
    “It takes too much time to submit a report.”26
The study had affected their work personally26
MEADERS would be used more often if:
    “There were a greater awareness of the system’s benefits.”50
    “I had more time or opportunity to access the system.”50