Table 3.

Patient Self-Reported Alcohol Consumption: Composite of AUDIT-C and DSM-IV Screening Outcomes (N = 1,699)

AUDIT-C OutcomeDSM-IVOutcomeNo. (%)a
AUDIT-C = Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test-Consumption; DSM-IV=Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Diseases, 4th edition.
a Percentages are calculated separately for each AUDIT-C outcome category.
AUDIT-C and DSM-IV screening outcomes
    NondrinkerNegative683 (100,0)
    Moderate drinkerNegative637 (97.4)
    Moderate drinkerPositive17 (2.6)
    Hazardous drinkerNegative247 (68.2)
    Hazardous drinkerPositive115 (31.8)
Composite of AUDIT-C and 1st DSM-IV screening Item
    NondrinkerNever683 (100.0)
    Moderate drinkerNever561 (85.8)
    Moderate drinker<Monthly89 (13.6)
    Moderate drinker≥Monthly4 (0.6)
    Hazardous drinkerNever142 (39.2)
    Hazardous drinker<Monthly148 (40.9)
    Hazardous drinker≥Monthly72 (19.9)
Composite of AUDIT-C and 2nd DSM-IV screening Item
    NondrinkerNever683 (100.0)
    Moderate drinkerNever638 (97.6)
    Moderate drinker<Monthly15 (2.3)
    Moderate drinker≥Monthly1 (0.2)
    Hazardous drinkerNever268 (74.0)
    Hazardous drinker<Monthly68 (18.8)
    Hazardous drinker≥Monthly26 (7.2)